Valdez Bioblitz

Bioblitz Photo Contest Winner

The winner of the 2016 Valdez, AK Bioblitz Plate Photo Contest was Registration #7. The data entered was good while the photo was clear, directly above the plate, and the label was present but not in the way.

The Valdez Bioblitz will take place in Valdez, AK on September 9-10th, 2016.

Join us for a Marine Invasive Species Bioblitz

Friday and Saturday Sept 9 and 10, 2015
Prince William Sound College
303 Lowe St, Valdez, AK

9:00AM-12:00PM Overview of Marine Invasive Species and Bioblitz pretraining
12:30-1:30PM Lunch break
1:30-4:00PM Close up view of fouling and plankton communities

9:00AM-12:00PM Harbor Bioblitz
12:30-1:30PM Lunch break
1:30-4:00PM Wrap up discussion

Sign Up here on Eventbrite. Valdez Marine Invasive Species Bioblitz

Ever wondered what it would be like to be a marine biologist? Want to learn more about what creatures live in Valdez harbor? And what strange invertebrates may invade Prince William Sound? Join us for two days of learning and fun!

The goal of the Marine Invasive Species Bioblitz is to engage and educate the public about invasive species that threaten Alaskan coastal waters. We.ll teach you about the targeted invasive species in Alaska and look for them in the Harbor. Hosted by the Prince William Sound Community College, the Bioblitz is a collaboration of several local and federal agencies including: the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center, the Prince William Sound Community College, and Prince William Sound Regional Citizens' Advisory Council. We will be targeting several invasive species including: the solitary tunicates Ciona intestinalis and Ciona savignyi, the club tunicate Styela clava, the colonial tunicates Didemnum vexillum, Botryllus schlosseri and Botrylloides violaceous, the bryozoans Watersipora subtorquata and Bugula neritina, and the European green crab, Carcinus maenas, all species that have recently invaded the west coast.

The Bioblitz begins with a pretraining workshop on Friday, Sept 9, with a lecture and hands on microscope work, to help familiarize you with the targeted marine invertebrates and similar native species. The following day, volunteers head out to the harbor to look for invasive species. At 130PM, volunteers will return to the College to share what found, learn about NIS prevention and detection efforts in Alaska and discuss the implications.

Your efforts will establish critical baseline data for future research, invasive species management and conservation initiatives. It.s a great way to give back to your community! Sign up is first come first serve, so reserve your spot by signing up online or going to the college. For further information contact us at